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Krishna Vulisetti Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 6.0
As we know the film cameras or the handy-cams are usually made for recording or shooting videos. But the digital cameras consist not only recording but it has many other functions. Canon provides us with application software along with each digital camera.
Not only this, CiSRA's ZoomBrowser EX software is one of the best application software provided along with Canon Cameras.
Managing, acquiring and utilizing digital images are the major applications of ZoomBrowser EX.. In addition to Aspect Ratio Zooming that is its unique method of browsing, ZoomBrowser EX has many other functions to be accessed. Like there are functions for editing, viewing, and printing a users image as well as it provides access to the internet facilities of digital photo relevant.
When you first use ZoomBrowser, the functions of acquiring, storing manipulating and printing digital images are all guided to you through an easy to use, step by step interface. All you have to do henceforth is; just connect your camera and watch the images appearing automatically. You just have to click a single button and watch the images appearing on CiSRA’s photo recorder. Immediately your photo albums are ready for sharing and printing.


  • Multi-functional tool with many features.


  • It is only available as application software.

What's new in version 6.7

- Now supports the following new products.
EOS Kiss X5/EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D, EOS Kiss X50/EOS REBEL T3/EOS 1100D, PowerShot A3200 IS, PowerShot A3300 IS, PowerShot A1200, PowerShot A2200, PowerShot A800, IXY 410F/PowerShot ELPH 300HS/IXUS 220 HS, IXY 210F/PowerShot ELPH 100HS/IXUS 115 HS, IXY 31S/PowerShot ELPH 500HS/IXUS 310 HS(*), PowerShot SX230 HS(*), PowerShot SX220 HS(*)
- Support added for RAW images taken in multiple aspect ratios.
Frames indicating the aspect ratio will be shown when displaying thumbnails and aspect ratios will be displayed on individual images.
- Function for processing RAW images discontinued
ZoomBrowser EX 6.6 has functions for processing and displaying RAW images by default and for printing, in addition to functions for displaying and printing JPEG images saved in RAW images. Because the internal JPEG images in RAW images have become higher resolution and more practical than before, those functions for processing and displaying RAW images by default and for printing have been discontinued in ZoomBrowser EX 6.7. (The other functions for displaying and printing JPEG images saved in RAW images can be used as is.) Please use the appropriate version of Digital Photo Professional to process RAW images.
- Windows XP SP2 is no longer supported
If you are using ZoomBrowser EX on a PC with Windows XP, it is advisable to update the OS to Service Pack 3, and then use the software.
- Support Auto Update (only for the Japanese version)
In the Japanese version, ZoomBrowser EX 6.7 has the [Update to the latest version] menu added to the help menu. With this menu, functions that can be used in ZoomBrowser EX will be updated to their latest versions. (The PC should be connected to the Internet beforehand.)

Publisher's description

ZoomBrowser EX is a nice and very useful tool which can help you to easily manipulate pictures or videos from your camera on your pc. First, you have to connect the camera with your pc. After that, you can download images on your pc, manage them in albums etc.

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  All comments (8)
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    Guest Last year

    I got this program with my Cannon camera about 9 years ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. The print part with frames and taxt is outstanding. All of my friends esk me to print pictures for them.

  • 3
    Judith Trapp 2 years ago

    I have installed the Zoom browser program over 6 yrs ago. I now want to purchase a new Cannon Rebel EOS t3. Will this program work for my new camera?

  • 0
    DavePC000 3 years ago

    Great application